Throughout time, the families, houses and people of Krynn have taken up different crafts and professions, using what they can produce to trade for what they cannot. Different races turn their minds to different useful pastimes, focusing in on what they excel most at.

Elves often excel in Agriculture, Artistry, Bowyer craft, Fishing, Tracking, Seamanship, and Weaving. Wild elves are adept at Animal Lore, Animal Training, Survival in forests, Hunting, and Setting Snares. Gnomes are master inventors. They commonly have proficiency in the following: Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cobbling, Engineering, Gem-Cutting, Leatherworking, Mining, and Stonemasonry. Many gnomes deal in finely detailed crafts like jewelry.

Although dwarves cannot match gnomish ingenuity, in metalworking and mining crafts dwarves are peerless. Dwarves are the armorers and weaponsmiths of Krynn. They also engineer the great war-machines: catapults, rams, and siege towers - weighty juggernauts all.

There are a lot of trade roads on the face of Krynn. Each town or city has its own Market Square, including different shops and armories. Shop-keepers and greengrocers invite repeatedly:

Jani the grocer yells 'Fresh greens for sale! Fresh greens here!'
A blacksmith yells 'Best blades made here, buy ye blades here!'

Professions and hobbies allow the people of Krynn to develop and use their imaginations, to solve several domestic and battle demands and to bring money.


Professions in Solace

Solace allows players to interact with tradeskills of the World. At this moment, the tradeskills are under development. Curently you can learn the following professions::

Mining - find and mine ore

Herbalism - find and gather herbs

Alchemy - brew potions from herbs

Weaponsmithing - smelt ore and create weapons

Armorsmithing - smelt ore and create armor

Once players reached rank 10, they can learn two professions of their choice. It can be either gathering or productive profession. Gathering professions are the source for productive ones. You can only learn a profession at your guildmaster.

Chose very carefully, because there is no way to unlearn a profession. Once you have learned a profession, it will be listed in your skill list. After you have already learned two professions, you cannot learn anything else.


Gathering Professions


This profession allows a player to find and mine ore. Once you learn it, you can find different minerals.

Note that minerals could be found only at hills or mountains. Moreover, more precious minerals require higher skill to detect and mine them.

Ore is used by blacksmiths to create armor and weapons. Also other professions may require ore.


This profession allows a player to find and gather herbs. Once you learn it. you can find herbs.

Note that herbs could be found only at forests or fields. Also, more precious herbs require higher skill to detect and gather them.

Herbs are used by alchemists to create potions and pills. Also other professions may require herbs.

Minerals and herbs respawn in different areas: low level minerals (herbs) in low level areas and high level minerals (herbs) in high level areas. When you learn a profession, visit low level areas first.


Productive Professions


Alchemists can create potions using their skill. They need herbs to create a potion. Also they need an empty vial, which can be bought at Palanthas general store or apothecary.


Once you train as weaponsmith, you can smelt ore and create weapons.


Once you train as armorsmith, you can smelt ore and create armor.