Feats and Circles of Learning

Feats, in addition to manuals and spellbooks, allow you to choose the unique path your character evolves and develops along. A feat is a permanent feature your character gains; it could be permanent resistance to some kind of damage, additional bonuses to health points, or a class-specific bonus, or something else.

Many Feats are available at different Circles of Learning, with each Circle granting progressively greater ability in that Feat. Characters may choose to learn the same Feat on more than one Circle of Learning, giving them the combined benefits of both Circles. For example, a fighter might decide to learn the "Weapon Focus" feat for swords at both the 1st and 3rd Circles, and as a result would gain the increased damage and accuracy of both circles for their swords.

You can learn

1st Circle Feat at level 15

2nd Circle Feat at level 24

3rd Circle Feat at level 30


How Feats Work

Feats are special trainings that characters can obtain during their lifetime. Not all Feats are available to all classes and not all Feats are equal in benefits to each class.

Learning a Feat requires both gold and feat points. As a character gains in level he or she will be automatically given a small number of feat points which can be used to learn new Feats. These are very rare and should be used with great care. Some Feats can be gained at 100% while others may require additional training.


Feats List

Here is a list of all Feats in alphabetical order, with descriptions. Note that not all Feats are available to all classes.

General Feats

Gives a character a slight chance to avoid bash, trip, crush, and throw.
Bloodline of fire, ice, air, earth, divine or negative grants an additional resistance against this type of attack. This feat adds up to 15, 20 and 30 resistances on each circle.
Character receives 1 additional practice session per level. This feat is retroactive to the levels you gained.
Hide Tracks
You can conceal signs of passage. This feat makes it harder to track you, and even aggressive mobiles may fail to find you.
Horse Nomad
This feat adds up to an additional 10% chance to parry and dodge attacks while mounted.
Iron Will
The character gets a bonus of 5 to all will saving throws.
Lightning Reflexes
The character gets a bonus of 5 to all reflex saving throws.
Mind Over Body
Character uses his intelligence as a bonus when gaining hitpoints. This feat is retroactive to the levels you have gained.
You can score critical hits against undeads. This feat greatly improves physical damage you deal to undead 30-40% of the time.
Snake Blood
Character is resistant to all kinds of poisons and diseases. This feat adds up to 20% to resistances against poisons and diseases as protection from plague and poison spells, poisoned weapons and poison dust.
Spell Defense
You learn to shield yourself from magical attacks, dodge spells at the last second or use folk rituals to negate spells used against you. Each circle adds 3% to evade magical damage, and 5% to evade negative spells like blindness, plague, poison, power word stun, slow, weaken, power word fear and sparks of the forge.
The character gains more hit points per level. 1st circle adds 3 hitpoints per level, 2nd circle adds 4 hitpoints per level, and third adds 5. This feat is retroactive to the levels you gained.
Uncanny Dodge
Allows people to dodge much better, even dodge riding a horse.

Class-specific Feats

Animal Companions (ranger)
This feat allows you to call one additional animal of your choice. You can not call more than two animals of one type.
Arcane Defense (any spellcaster)
You can resist spells from all schools of magic. 1st circle adds 2 to all saving throws, 2nd circle adds 3, and 3rd adds 4.
Blind Fight (fighter, outcast, ranger, knight, assassin, thief)
You can fight effectively even when blinded. This feat improves chances to parry, dodge, some special defense skills and negates blinded defense minus against several special attacks.
Blinding Speed (fighter, thief, assassin)
Allows fighters, thieves and assassins to deal more attacks to an opponent. This feat adds to the chance to deal 2nd, 3rd and 4th attack, as well as the chance to dodge and parry. Also this feat helps against bash, trip and lash.
Combat Casting (any mage)
Allows casters to cast spells which are not normally castable during combat. This feat allows you to cast spells in 50% of all attempts.
Critical Hit (fighter, knight, outcast)
You can score a critical strike, dealing additional damage to an opponent. 2nd circle feat adds up to 30% to your damage, while 3rd circle feat can add 50%.
Divine Deathward (knight, cleric)
You may channel energy to protect yourself from the ability of level draining attacks and negative magic. Adds up to 20 to the character's resistance to negative energy. Adds a slight chance to resist undead drains.
Empower Spell (any spellcaster)
Your spells are cast at an improved level. This feat adds to your spell level. It is less powerful than spell penetration at checking saving throws.
Forester (ranger, druid)
The character and his companions have improved regeneration rate in forests. In addition, 2nd and 3rd circle feats improve camouflage skill, making it harder to detect, and allowing the ranger to camouflage his allies.
Ghoul Lord (necromancer)
Any undead you attempt to raise may become ghoulish. Each attack of these undead may have special effects.
Golem Lord (necromancer)
You can fuse flesh and iron to create golems with the combined power of both. This powerful golems can also protect its master from physical attacks.
Improved Alacrity (any mage)
You gain an ability to cast spells at a faster rate. Note that this will not make any spells instant, but will make longer spells quicker to cast.
Spell Penetration (any mage)
Spells pierce an enemy's defence more easily. This feat adds to your spell level when calculating saving throws. This feat is more powerful than the empower spell feat, but doesn't add to defensive, summoning, etc. spell level.
Spell Ripper (any mage)
Your offensive spells can carry dispelling effects.
Way of Gargoyle (transmuter)
You have mastered the art of combat in alternate forms. This feat may either add up to 10 to physical and 5 magical resistances, or up to 10 to hitroll and damroll.
Weapon Focus (fighter)
Gain additional damage and to-hit chance while using weapons of the selected type. Adds up to 4, 6, and 8 hitroll and damroll on each circle, respectively.