Study on Flora of Krynn

The Somnalius mushroom which can be found in eastern parts of the Emerald forest are most rare, but their blue cap is making them noticeable and easy to gather.Those adventurers 'lucky' enough to find and use them will sleep like babies for a short. However,the mushroom can be most beneficial to the gatherer who is unable to fall asleep in natural way.

The Capen mushroom, in both white and grey, small and big varieties, may be found growing wild in the regrowing forest (east from the city of Palanthus) and the forests south from Kalaman.It is grown in deep caverns by many residents of Krynn, transported by sea or trade caravans and sold as food or the diet product. They are often the only nourishment in the wilderness.

The Mok is a subspecie of the Capen which is especially profilic around the area of the regrowing forest. It is white mushroom with red spots which poison can be lethal for unprotected young adventurers.

The Faerie's Cap, a common name for the faerie red mushroom native to the forest south from Kalaman. It is beautiful mushroom with purple and golden efflorescence. In addition to their beauty, when used they are said to have the magical ability of revealing hidden creatures giving them the unique glowing of faerie fire.

The three-eyed root may be found near Witch wood, in the western parts of the Emerald forest. Its magical properties will provide adventurers with hightened detection of golden and magical auras. But there are two kind of three-eyed root, and one of them can blind. So be carefull with roots.

The tasty looking green herb which can be found in n the forests of Mithas, where it usually grows among the patches of green moss, has very sweet and quite tasty foliage after which it is named. It is cherished by apprentice mages who wish to impress people by pretending to have the knowledge of levitation.

The green moss is native to the province of Mithas. It is especially profilic around the area of Nethosak forests. Experienced look for it in the western parts of the forest. Brave adventurers gatherers used to explore ancient dark places simply must have one or two pieces. The green supstances in the moss are said to have the ability or removeing most of black magic maladictions.

The Bilica Redheart is an herb grown by many habitants of Krynn for their beautiful and showy flowers. It is used for decoration of dwellings. May be found growing wild in the Nethosak forest. Wild red flowers are not difficult to be noticed. As pretty as it is, however, this herb is without magical properties.

The Bilica Pinkear which can be found in the Nethosak forest is a magical cousin of Bilica Redheart. They have similar appeareance. However, the pink subspecie is able to protect adventurers with magical shield.

The pale blue flower found in the forest south of Kalaman has the same affect on consumer as the blue-capped mushroom from the Emerald. Sometimes it is mistaken by the deep blue flower which can be found in the same forest. However, the deep blue flower is sometimes the only help for thirsty exhausted travelers who find themselves in the wilderness without water reserves.

The green herb and the green plant which can be found south from Kalaman or in the Emerald forest have healing properties. Their flowers are inconspicuous and almost hidden. The evergreen foliage is resistant to toxins. When placed under journeman's tongue, this plant will cure disease or poison. The green herb near Kalaman is a strong antidote, while those herbs from regrowing forest are efficient only against light poison or disease.

The red flowers are found in both Kalaman forest and the regrowing forest. Their common name is Dragon's tongue herb. It is said that they can help adventurers who feel uncomfortably.

The small pink flower which can be found south from Kalaman can be used to heal weak poisons.

The pretty blue flowers are found along trails in the regrowing forest. It can cure serious wounds and cancel magical affects.

The yellow flower in large and small size is native for the area south from Kalaman and the regrowing forset respectively. While the large flower is less dangerous with its slowing affect, the small one can de deadly to very young adventurers, causing poison and disease and thus needs to be avoided by most living beings.

The dark purple flower which is profilic for the area south from Kalaman has common name the Magehood. Once received it can be used to greaten magical protection. A warrior who can find and use it will be armoured and shielded no less than an experienced spellcaster.

-- Written by Thorgrim