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Title: museum in palanthas
Post by: Virtus on November 15, 2009, 01:25:50 am
[log]Dying on your feet is better than living on your
kneels.[/log]  should be [log]knees[/log] i believe

this is on tha description of the statue of the minotaur a few east of the entrance. . .
actually the entire description is incorrect . . . allow me to redo :)

[log]A more than 20 foot tall statue of minotaur warrior dominates this
wide hall. Tall, huge and muscular as most of his race, he is armored
with a glittering scale of a wyvern. Two long swords in his large hands
look deadly but seem to weigh nothing to him. You come closer and gaze
upon the statue. An unknown sculptor with unbelievable precision depicted
lots of scars that cover his face and his body. You wonder how many
fights he survived and how strong were those creatures he challenged.
The expression of his face fills you with calm and self-reliance, it seems
that aura of might and honour surrounds this silent figure. You bow your
head and read the text that covers the pedestal: 'Greelkat the Braveheart,
Fist of the Heretics. Dying on your feet is better than living on your
knees. As long as you keep your honour with you, you never will be alone.'

Down below you realize a scratch as if some kind of clawed palm drew a strange
saying on the stone, it reads:
Most unworthy is cowardice and lie, but sometimes we can sense a person who
is immune to these kind of sins, and it will let him live forever in human hearts.
Greelkat the minotaur taken from the mortal realm for guard honour from above. (not sure what is tryin to be said in this sentence but it too is incorrect just in it's current format)
And I will not defile his soul, for I'm Lord of Undead.

Just my quick revision not perfect.

Title: Re: museum in palanthas
Post by: Tanis Half-Elven on October 02, 2014, 05:10:53 am
I have improved the wording.
Effective next reboot.