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Title: Suggestion in Worshipping
Post by: Nierth on November 30, 2005, 03:26:03 am
(Originally by Geryon)

Good: Kiri-Jolith
Neutral: Reorx
Evil: Morgion, Sargonnas

These priests seem to be the most newbie-friendly.

Kiri-Jolith cleric
He has strong defense (defensive spells) and powerful astral deva, which can be called upon in a harsh situation. He can place sanctuary on others. Damaging spell has holy damtype.

Reorx priest
He has blade barrier, incurable blindness, powerful damaging spell with aftereffects. Has gate instead of summon.

Sargonnas priest
He is very powerful but too strictly specialized. Can't do anything to anyone who has decent resistances to fire and negative damtypes. His damaging spell (negative damtype) has a chance of placing curse on foes. Has no enhanced damage.

Morgion cleric
He is weak against knights, who are immune to his damaging spell (disease damtype). His damaging spell places soften upon enemies.