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Author Topic: Funny thing happened this reboot  (Read 3200 times)
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« on: October 11, 2005, 04:30:53 pm »

Here's what I saw in my score today. Look at the age.
You are * the *
Race: minotaur    Sex: male   Age: 104571 years old (very old)
You are a true neutral fighter.
Level: 21, with 867513 exp (experience to level: 64287)

Str: 25      Health: 806 /899     Practices: 0
Int: 15      Mana  : 82  /344     Training sessions: 0
Wis: 17      Move  : 247 /307
Dex: 17      Carrying 26/31 items (244/635 pounds)
Con: 24      You have 555 gold and 7792 silver coins.
             You have 0 smuggler coins.

Wimpy set to 100 hit points.  Hometown is Palanthas.
You are standing.
You are in an extreme offensive stance.
Armor: pierce: -158  bash: -158  slash: -158  magic: -161
You are divinely armored against piercing.
You are divinely armored against bashing.
You are divinely armored against slashing.
You are divinely armored against magic.
Hitroll: 36  Damroll: 34.
You are specialized in sword.
You are specialized in axe.
You are specialized in whip/flail.
Use 'affects' command to see spells affecting you.

And what happened next tick.

You are thirsty.
You are hungry.
Your heart finally gives out from your hard life and you keel over dead!
Inside the temple of the Silver moon
  You stand within a temple adorned with silver lined doors and glinting
silver speckles in the stone slates. You can go north into the temple
courtyard, and those who are level 7 or below may go DOWN into Mud school.

[Exits: north]
(White Aura) A healer is here preaching the word of Gilean.
You have died and become a permanent ghost, awaiting your final departure.
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« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2005, 04:36:12 pm »

Don't worry. Player Files are backuped.
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