Date / time : 05.02.2001 02:39
Author      : Shanare
Title       : Fictional Parody v2 (right colors and minor addition)
Plain size  : 4,2 Kb
This log is a pure work of fiction. It is one possible explanation of
what happened to web-board - hacker hacked it and kda we are dealing
with now is not real kda. Give us back real KDA!!!


<45hp 100m 100mv> score
You are Kda the Apprentice of System Administration
Race: human  Sex: male   Age: 23 years old (young)
You are a low level system administrator.
Level: 3, with 15000 exp (experience to level: 100000000)
Str: 15      Health: 45  /45      Practices: 5
Int: 5       Mana  : 100 /100     Training sessions: 3
Wis: 5       Move  : 100 /100
Dex: 15      Carrying 7/23 items (12/303 pounds)
Con: 15      You have 0 gold and 0 silver coins.
Wimpy set to 0% hit points.  Hometown is Moscow
You are sitting at the computer.
You are armoured against site hacking.
You are defenseless against arguments.
You are defenseless against jokes.
You are defenseless against critics.
Use 'affects' command to see spells affecting you.
<45hp 100m 100mv> af
You have the following resistances:
You are toughened against trojan horse bashing (5%)
You are moderately vulnerable to deny service attacks (-30%)
You are hurt by verbal attacks (-15%)

You are affected by the following spells:
Spell detect hacking modifies none by 0 for 14 hours
Spell mudak modifies none permanently
            modifies seeing isults everywhere permanently
            modifies wisdom by -10 permanently
            modifies intellegence by -10 permanently
            modifies decreases professionalism permanently
            modifies ability to make arguments permanently

<45hp 100m 100mv> ski
Level  1: system administration   75%      web administration          50%
Level  2: ban                     53%      cisco router                76%
Level  3: make argument           0%       make heh                   100%

<45hp 100m 100mv> spe
Level  1: detect hacking         76%
Level  3: dispel mud**            0%

<45hp 100m 100mv> help dispel mud**
No help for this word.

<45hp 100m 100mv> pray A gde helpa na dispel mud**a?

<45hp 100m 100mv> You pray to gods of system administration : A gde helpa
na dispel mudaka?

<45hp 100m 100mv>
Unseen God frowns at you.

<45hp 100m 100mv>
Unseen God says '
You will be punished for using this language'.

<45hp 100m 100mv> make heh
You tried hard and manage to make heh. Everyone around you is laughing.

<45hp 100m 100mv>
Unseen God says '
A eto ti. Chego tebe? Seichas dobavlu help'.

<45hp 100m 100mv>
Unseen God winks at you.

<45hp 100m 100mv> help dispel mud**
If successful this powerful ability of system administrators allows them to
conduct arguments in intellegent manner, decreasing their abilities for
banning. Be warned - if this spell fails, system administrator may face bad

<45hp 100m 100mv> look
Solace player forum.

You are standing before big board with bunch of postings on it. This is a place
where people of Solace can meet and argue, expressing their point of view.

Zraz Politicus is here, arguing with Shanare about clerics.
Jostin MSU defender is here, fighting with ghost of Isstarioluh.
Tosha Long Post is here, preparing to post 4 page argument.
Shanare Heretic of the board is here, arguing with Zraz about clerics.

<45hp 100m 100mv> make heh
You tried hard and manage to make heh. Everyone around you is laughing.

<45hp 100m 100mv> Tosha bonks you for being so silly.
Shanare frowns at you and turns back to the argument.

<45hp 100m 100mv> make argument
You try hard to make argument but your aura prevents you.
You made heh instead. Everyone around you is laughing.

<45hp 100m 100mv> cast 'dispel mud' kda
Kda resists your magic.
You feel dumb.
You feel uncontrolled desire to ban someone.
You see insults everywhere.

<45hp 100m 100mv> ban 2.
Tosha avoids your ban, making you fall on the ground.

<45hp 100m 100mv> Hacker steps out of shadows.

<45hp 100m 100mv> Hacker hacks your password and you are denied access.


From http://solace.allnetwork.ru logs forum