Date / time : 09.02.2001 21:57
Author      : Earwin
Title       : He-he. The teacher of heretics betrayed them.
Plain size  : 1,3 Kb
Entrance to the fighter's guild
  You stand in the entrance hall to the guild of fighter's. It is inside
here that the best fighters of Solamnia come to practice their combat
techniques. The bar lies to the east, and north is the main trade road of

[Exits: north east]
A powerful fighter stands guard over his guild.

<505/505hp 65/294mv 538424xp |NE>
< > e
The fighter's bar
  This used to be where fighters came to drink and tell tall tales of their
deeds, but the bartender has been long gone after getting tired of all the
brawls that broke out. To the esat is the guildroom, and west lies the
entrance to the guild.

[Exits: east west]

<505/505hp 64/294mv 538424xp |EW>
< > e
The Fighter's guild
  You are inside the guild room of Solamnia's fighters. It is here that the
best come to train and teach their fighting methods. To the west is the
old fighter's bar.

[Exits: west]
Your guildmaster stands here.

<505/505hp 63/294mv 538424xp |W>
< > look guil
A smaller man dressed in nothing but a tunic stands here waiting to train
The fighter guildmaster is in perfect condition.

The fighter guildmaster is using:
<held>              a silver-spined spellbook

<505/505hp 63/294mv 538424xp |W>
< >


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