Date / time : 21.04.2002 10:12
Author      : Shando
Title       : Shando goes to Soloma
Plain size  : 3,0 Kb
<712/712hp 833/933mn 328/357mv 1122818xp NE> -=-=-=-= Visible players in the realms =-=-=-=-
                 Nierl the male gnome
                 Rein the male wild elf
            (PK) Crado the female draconian
                 Ndiba the male human
                 Deiron the male draconian
                 Rshkaam the male draconian
                 Norve the male minotaur
            (PK) Shando the male dark elf
                 Tahngarth the male draconian
            (PK) Arsiol the male wild elf
            (PK) Nodrin the male minotaur, Elder of the Tree
                 Thasl the male kender
                 Dramlis the male human, Knight of the Crown
                 Norken the male human
                 Kverta the female draconian
                 Rigen the male dark elf
                 Nauro the male wild elf
                 Torgard the male draconian
                 Evian the male human, Knight of the Crown

Players found: 19

<712/712hp 833/933mn 328/357mv 1122818xp NE> On the cobblestone road
     A long pike made of steel lies on the ground.
     One of the merchant carts stands here unguarded.

<712/712hp 833/933mn 326/357mv 1122818xp EW> vis
You fade into existence.
You trample around loudly again.

You tell Dramlis '
Dramlis tells you '
You tell Dramlis '
I'm want to join your ranks. What i had to do? Kill a lot of evils?'
Dramlis tells you '
Nooo.. At first you should learn how to leave for the peace in Krynn!'
Dramlis tells you '
Blood is not your way to do it'
You tell Dramlis '
Well, I'll stop killing at all then!'
You tell Dramlis '
What next?'
Dramlis tells you '
Then post to Solamnia about your life and Why do you want to join our ranks!'
You tell Dramlis '
Great!!! I'll do it. My way belong to Paladine, Glory and Holy blessing!'
You tell Dramlis '
and you'll get me?'
Dramlis tells you '
That is good.. But you need to wait for our Leader - Mollin.'
You tell Dramlis '
I saw him!'
You tell Dramlis '
he flies so funny! *smile' // (a day before Mollin vanished right to Shoikan Groove by my collapse w/o ward :)
Dramlis tells you '
So post then wait for him'
You tell Dramlis '
Okay. Big-big-big thanks for you. And let the Blessing Of Paladine shines upon you!'
Dramlis tells you '
Go with Peace, Brother.. And good luck to you' // "я плакалъ" :)))) браза! :)

You tell Dramlis '
By the way, one more question. It's normall that i'm dark elf?'
Dramlis tells you '
That is very very abnormal..'
You tell Dramlis '
Why? I'm almost like all others!'
Dramlis tells you '
Only good lawful person can join us'
You tell Dramlis '
I'm lawful. And very-very good and kind!'

//Alas! He stoped talking with me :)


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