Date / time : 24.04.2002 23:28
Author      : Trethan
Title       : The perfect Guardian
Plain size  : 1,2 Kb
Wow, this description is wonderful for a guardiain.

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As you turn on to hear some grunting sounds behind you, you see a creature of disgusting color.
It seem you have met one of them that were born by dark magic and reside in Krynn by the will of evil gods.
Radiating a disgusting smell that seem to disrupt living, this creature wears strange armor.
Its armor is always covered with blood. No matter if it is bearer or victim's blood, this draconian cannot live without battle.
Kerheden is making his way through the crowds of innocent people, mangling and devastating everyone he can.
So, if you are seeking goodness in Krynn, you better get away from him.
Kerheden is in perfect condition.

Making his way through crowds of INNOCENT people, magling and devastating.... Hmm. funny. I always thought that guardians were susposed to protect the innocent.  It also says nothing about the laws at all. Just that he lives to kill.
Do you think that he joined a clan merely to get the powers? I don't see even a hint of roleplay in this one.  And last night, before he was a guardian... he killed a friend of mine in the city.  good thing he respects the laws and all....


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