Date / time : 27.04.2002 23:11
Author      : Taroli
Title       : "The Easiest reraid EVER!" or "Poor poor poor Geeghan."
Plain size  : 2,1 Kb
By the Gate
  A gate made of the strongest iron bar the outsiders from entering the
sacred ground beyond. Behind the gate, a beautiful garden is visible from
here. The beauty never fails to attract passerby to momentarily glance in
awe, and look away hurriedly under the scrutiny of the fearsome sentinel.

[Exits: north south]
     (Glowing) A small iron bracer rests here.
     (Glowing) (Humming) A wide belt of platinum lies here.
     (Magical) A blackened leather wristguard lies here before you.
     (Magical) (Glowing) A white robe shimmers with magical power.
( 2) A small golden ring lies on the ground.
     The corpse of Geeghan is lying here.
     A sleeping bag is here.
     The torn remains of a minotaur mercenary are here on a cross.
A strong sentinel is here protecting the House of Justice from intruders.
A minotaur mercenary has arrived.

<630hp 940mana 283mv Exp: 1055031>
< > Players near you:
(PK) Taroli     By the Gate
Kerheden        Hall of Justice

<630hp 940mana 283mv Exp: 1055031>
< > l sent

Kerheden has arrived.
A sentinel says '
Greetings, Magistrate of Justice'
A magnificent white stallion has arrived.

<630hp 940mana 283mv Exp: 1055031>
< > His face is iron mask, not a trace of emotion is visible. Trained to kill,
he is ready to take any measure to prevent intruders from desecrating the
House of Justice.
A sentinel is convulsing on the ground.

<630hp 940mana 283mv Exp: 1055031>
< > c soft sent
You chant a sweet melodious line.
A sentinel looks more vulnerable.
You parry a sentinel's pound.
A sentinel is convulsing on the ground.

<630hp 905mana 283mv Exp: 1055031>
< T: Taroli TC: perfect condition E: a sentinel EC: convulsing >
< >
Your pierce
decimates a sentinel.
Your pierce
decimates a sentinel.
A minotaur mercenary's crush
decimates a sentinel.
A sentinel is DEAD!!
You receive 0 experience points.
You hear a sentinel's death cry.
A small sapling appears in a flash of light and returns to where it belongs.
You feel a shudder run through your soul!


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