Date / time : 03.08.2002 18:21
Author      : Rastama
Title       : Leader of solamnia too chained with Tower
Plain size  : 1,2 Kb
[ 58] Argk: *A scroll bearing the royal sign of Solamnic Order*
Sat Aug  3 15:35:16 2002
To: guardian
Greetings, Guardians of Justice.
I call you that way for now, and only once. I do not see any work from your side.
I recieve lots of bad words pointed on you. Words like - we are attacked and
killed by a criminal (from my knights), guardians flaging us for attacking them
not for noble poor citizens (from Tower members), and so on. I do not see any
work from your side to punish those who are ciminaled.
Today I have spent some little time to talk to Abagor, about fifteen hours, and
I did not notice neither Nordice, neither Bizou comming to punish him. Terrible.
I do not understand such actions and I wish to advise you two things:
1. Either you do your work better in punishing criminals.
2. Either I declare war against your Society and my Knighthood.
Also there are two points that makes me think about war - you use Law in your own
greedy needs, and you easily include evil forces in your Clan.
I do not like that so, make your own choice. I give you one day for the desigion,
after that if I do not recieve a scroll about your thoughts I will declare a war.
Note signed with the name of Argk, Grandmaster of Solamnic Knights.


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