Date / time : 05.08.2002 19:51
Author      : LogsReader
Title       : the last whine of Jaynus
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[ 11] Baldar: My departure, for good
Sun Aug  4 19:36:21 2002
To: dellenci heretic takhisis solamnia entropy guardians immortal warders
Hi. I am a player who has played many characters on this MUD since my introduction to it during
April of '01. Ever since I started playing, I was plagued with people who wanted to ruin this game f
others. Random PK'ng, full looting, using bugs, cheating and power seeking were all the major crimes

perpetrated, without any sense of relief from the hell and malevolence that it caused. I asked the a
of this game to do something, but usually got the same response: Stop whining. Whining I say? Whinin
Whining is when someone bothers people because he is wrong to begin with, not because he is right an
d wishes
to see a game that over 50 people play get better. No, I am not whining. I am stating the fact right
and right now: You have to get rid of the Russians. 90% of these maggots play this game just to chea
t and piss
off the others who try hard to make it fun to play. People who roleplay, and don't randomly hunt dow
n and kill
people. People who don't start idiotic wars between clans so they can get new equipment. People who
"Gopaniks" that use IRC/ICQ/MSN/AIM to relay out of character information and cheat to benefit thems
This is a cowardly and selfish act, used only to drain others will to play this MUD because they wan
t to
see their character become more powerful. They are lazy, and don't want to work for there character.

I don't expect the immortals to do anything. I don't expect the player base to do anything. All I'm
is simple. This game was ruined by the russians. Before you start on some mcarthyist rant on how I'm
, you should stop and think. I have been playing this game for more then a year and I have come up w
ith my
conclusions based on what I've seen.  This game has a good code base, but its run by people who are
and the *.ru player base makes it that much more worse. Yes, I'm out. For good.

Enjoy this mud, while you still can. -laurel rules-

Jaynus, har har har har har.


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