Date / time : 28.08.2002 02:58
Author      : duko
Title       : everyone read this.
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Calis: new leadership is needed
To: warder tower solamnia enthropy guardian tahkisis heretics immortals immortal
i let you know of the grandmaster azrailen
earlier i was promoted to knight of the sword for offering my aid to one who was
not to long ago i was with the grandmaster,my friend was in trouble and he neede
d my assistance,or death.
i left the group to go aid my friend.i let them know i had to leave.
i removed them all from my group so that none would follow me,or so i would not
lead any into danger for we were in a dangerous area.
suddenly i become aware "you have suddenly been lowered to a mere knight of the
his reason, " you are to young and not strong enough to hold such a positon"
i talk to him ,how gaining armor (did not actually say that part) is not as impo
rtant as saving my friends life.
( i did say however that it was more important to save my friends live)
after alittle more discussion it ends like this "you are no longer of solamnia"
this is unacceptable.such an action is not approiate for one of his postion and
if he is not able to act like a true knight,i will take the light into my own ha
let it be known,until this grave mistake is settled.i shall take knights and fig
hters under my wing.
we shall be the true light army who will defend against those of darkness.

i suggest azrialen is removed of his position.gildar,ikroni are both completly a
ble to to lead.and therefore i believe this is how it should be.
if anyone,wishes to know anything or speak to me send me a note or speak to me p
ersonally.i will listen to all who have to speak.

calis,guard of qualinost.leader of the paladins of light.           

(leader of the paladins of light) chances are it wont stick,but i will get a group going together.
lemme know if ya be interested.


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