Date / time : 06.12.2002 03:49
Author      : Ludhian
Title       : Skill at it's finest
Plain size  : 1,8 Kb
// Sorry for not having blackjack, guard kill, stealing, etc. but I didn't actually have it logged, had to copy and paste this\

<748/748hp 593/593mana 297/298move> / 1131441 tnl 
< >

The silvery light of Solinari fades from the sky.
The booming rumble of thunder shakes the ground.
You no longer feel so resisted against blows.

<748/748hp 593/593mana 298/298move> / 1131441 tnl 
< >
The holy sanctuary of clerics
  This room has been sanctified and blessed by the highest clerics in
Solamnia and is provided for the sole purpose of allowing all clerics a
place to train and practice in peace. The only exit is back west to the
guild entrance.

[Exits: west]
Miradael the male elf is sleeping here.
(White Aura) Your guildmaster stands here.

<748/748hp 593/593mana 298/298move> / 1131441 tnl 
< >
You resist yourself against blows!

<748/748hp 553/593mana 298/298move> / 1131441 tnl 
< >
Players near you:
Itekimasu       The meat market
Iggorik         The darkened laboratory
(PK) Miradael   The holy sanctuary of clerics
(PK) Ludhian    The holy sanctuary of clerics

<748/748hp 553/593mana 298/298move> / 1131441 tnl 
< >
backstab mira
You step out of the shadows.
Miradael yells '
Help! I'm being backstabbed by Ludhian!'
Your determination drives you to enhance your attack!
You trample around loudly again.
Your backstab
does UNSPEAKABLE things to Miradael!
Miradael is DEAD!!
Blood spurts and splashes as Miradael's heart is torn from his chest.

<748/748hp 553/593mana 298/298move> / 1131441 tnl 
< >
You attempt to hide.

<748/748hp 553/593mana 298/298move> / 1131441 tnl 
< >


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