Date / time : 07.02.2002 03:01
Author      : Sef
Title       : Navar ain't the only one. A day in the life...
Plain size  : 3,0 Kb
< > sc
You are Sef the Chivalrous Cannonfodder.
Level: not increasing.
You have 0 gold, 0 Silver and -4562983 platinum in 'Don't PK me' debts.

Zagaer the male SpamKiller has arrived.

< > 'Forsooth, good traveller friend, how might I aid thee?

You say '
Forsooth, good traveller friend, how might I aid thee?'

Zagaer steps out of the vodka clouds.
Zagaer says '
Hmm, I'm hate everyone! I'm the kill everyone! You're... I deaded you yet?'

< > shak
You shake your head.

Zagaer steps out of the vodka clouds.
Zagaer's overpower ===OBLITERATES=== you!
That really did HURT!
Zagaer's overpower ===OBLITERATES=== you!
You sure are BLEEDING!
Zagaer calls down the might of [insert understaffed clan's name here]!
Zagaer's mighty attack does NASTY THINGS to you!
You will die soon anyway, so why not spare the buffer...
You have been KILLED!

< > 'Owchies

The Temple of Ündapauer.
You say '
Exits: Why bother noticing them, you're gonna die anyway...
(Whine aura) Jaynus the male clanwhore is here.
(Black aura) NavarTKver2.184 the male clanwhore is here.
     A donation pit has newbie eq JUST for you!
     A map of getting killed is here.
     A map of finding shitty eq is here.
     A map of places to find strong-yet-low-level mobs is here.

< > 'My good fellows, kindly do not accost me, I have died yet again and the day is yet youthful.

You say '
My good fellows, kindly do not accost me, I have died yet again and the day is yet youthful.'

Jaynus laughs as usual at you. Hmmmph.
NavarTKver2.184 points a finger at you and says '
Get saves or die.'
You stagger around the realms blindly again.
Your chances of surviving an attack EMBARRASS you!
That really did make you CRINGE!

< > 'I say, that's just not on!

You say '
I say, that's just not on!'

Jaynus opens his mouth again. Sigh.
Jaynus whines 'Goddammit, you're so overpowered d00d! Hell, if I was going against you as someone else I'd die!'
Jaynus whines 'But I can wh00p Navar!'

< > sigh

NavarTKver1.84 says '
No you can't!'
Jaynus whines 'Can too!'
You sigh.
NavarTKver2.184 says '
Can not!'
Jaynus whines 'Can too!'
You mutter under your breath.
NavarTKver2.184 screams 'MINE IS BIGGER THAN YOURS!'
Jaynus whines 'Let's see then!'
You wince in sheer agony.

< > 'For the love of...


Entropy has summoned you!
Your keyboard freezes up and you are unable to type!
You say '
For the love of...
fleYour lag >>>ANNIHILATES<<< you!
You have been KILLED!

With this death, you feel your will to RP slip away...

< >
'Ahhhh, feck.
You say '
Ahhhh, feck.'

You have been transferred!

An Unseen God says '
Hahahahah, I've got you now! Too much RPing and now you've cracked! HAHAHAHAH!!!'
An Unseen God grins evilly at you.
You have been denied!


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