Date / time : 10.07.2002 06:50
Author      : Quivaloth
Title       : Wow, I wish I could raid like this all the time!!!
Plain size  : 0,7 Kb
{1090hp 927m 229mv Exp:1146051}
< > w
The cemetery of goodness
  The gravel path is lined with vibrant plants of all kinds, and the
brightness and life of them all truly shine. You walk in the place
hallowed and dedicated to those who walked the difficult path of
goodness, who dedicated their lives fighting the evil forces of
Krynn. Nobody is buried here now, but when a truly mighty follower
of goodness dies, he shall be remembered here.

[Exits: east]
     The Guardian's book of law is lying here, waiting to be returned.

{1090hp 927m 228mv Exp:1146051}
< > get book

The sun rises in the east.
The sky is getting cloudy.
You feel weaker.

{1090hp 941m 298mv Exp:1146051}
< > You get the book of law.


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