Date / time : 11.07.2002 12:54
Author      : keyoke
Title       : check this out!! **cackle**
Plain size  : 1,3 Kb
Malyki the male draconian
                 Azeth the male gnome
                 Rastama the male human, High Councellor of Justice
                 Deana the female elf
                 Dartein the male dwarf
                 Keyoke the male minotaur
                 Irras the male elf
                 Ponerdes the male dwarf
                 Geldor the male half-elf
                 Klim the male human
                 Trod the male minotaur
                 Jago the male dark elf
                 Dether the male draconian
                 Lawzenth the male elf
                 Fscmaxolya the female gnome
                 Nordice the male human
                 Zern the male minotaur
                 Ravaya the female human
                 Cephas the male elf
                 Yunnshe the female draconian
                 Einar the male dark elf
                 Duko the male human, Magistrate of Justice
       (CRIMINAL)Thagroth the neuter wild elf, Captain of Guardians
                 Kimmerth the male wild elf
note even bieng a captain for 20 minutes and alreaddy he seems he can attack in the city and do what he wants. he doesnt even know the damn laws for gods sake.
that is just damn right pathetic


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