Date / time : 12.07.2002 11:50
Author      : duko
Title       : f... (*censored*) it all!
Plain size  : 1,8 Kb
duko was denied access over something he didnt even do.
so fuck the guardians!
kiri-jolith doesnt even anwser his followers and put ill-prepared people as the leaders.
no offense to thagroth.but sapaol of arbor should of been made captain.
but you think kiri-jolith would make arbor a leader since he sold his soul to morgion in exchange for the return of the guardian power.
but do you think for a second kiri-jolith would let arbor become the captain now! ya right.
rastama deserves to be leader.he has proven himself time and again he is fit to do so.

morgion to my aspects is the only damn good immortal.the rest are nothing but people seeking to piss the players off.
so i leave you with this!
the guardians have fallen much in my eyes.bringing war on the tower cause of necromancers.the way they run things they wont be in power for long.
and as long as this continues i will never join the guardians again.
chances are i wont anyways.
now i see why hoxador left.the guardians have become nothing but idiots.
i  was very happy when i first joined the guardians with murtag.feeling that i could make a differance.yet everyone hates the guardians yet so many depend on them.its pathetic.

think its time for a new clan.a new start.
btw i still think heretics are power seekers so chances are you wont see me joining them anytime soon. *cackle*

thagroth will eventually learn how to lead,but it will be awhile *not smart to have a rank 27 as captain taken to much advantage of.*

while i do not leave the realms for good *to bad eh!*
i am getting tired of the way the immortals are acting.

on another matter i am afraid i never got that log of when i slaughtered azramah *to bad*
though if i find it i will happily post it

*signed in a golden ink*
duko,akee,korsh, call me whatever the fuck you want to

and btw duko only died 3 times


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