Date / time : 23.07.2002 00:13
Author      : reader of notes
Title       : Just read this! :-)
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[  9] old doctor: *bloody scrol made from few mages scalps*
Greetings all pure fighters!
With big sorrow I declare that we have no more place in our barracks for new fighters
I'm glad that so many of you do not afraid to join our ranks for purifying the lands.
But we can not hold anymore fighters in our troops.
For now we are closed for new applicants. After we have free space
we will notify you.
This note was written and sent on behalf of Minotaur Inquisitor, by field doctor of heretics
(the only one in barracks who can write)

^^^^---- *rofl* the only one who can write! *rofl* earlier they could write as i remember... bad times came for heretics :)


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