Date / time : 14.06.2002 23:44
Author      : Enil
Title       : Time to have some laugh (nt)
Plain size  : 1,6 Kb
[ 13] Rastama: *you found a scroll with royal seal near the stone golem*
Fri Jun 14 16:13:24 2002
To: tower
Greetings, wise inhabitants of The High Tower of the Sorcery.

Let me inform you, what during last ages we keeping an eye on increasing
amount of dark robed mages inside your organisation. Our order and your
Tower were always loyal, but now we cannot tolerate presence
of mages, who will never take care about lifes of innocent peoples.
Their corrupted minds touch even Giterai himself, who slayed our sentinel.

Thus we demand to purify your ranks from dark mages, ones who spreading death and decay,
also known as necromancers.
Otherwise we will siege Tower and destroy all unholy chambers of necromancers.
We dont want unnecessary blood and pain, please be wise and accept our demand.

Signed with royal seal, High Chancellor of Justice, Sir Rastama Grumbrum.

[ 14] Enil: *You find a scroll marked with Three Moons near Guardian of Law*
Fri Jun 14 23:29:02 2002
To: Guardians
Greetings, protectors of Law.

Your demand was reviewed and found unacceptable.
It was also found unlogical and unwise, as the reasons, stated in your scroll are senseless.
The demanded purification is as ridiculous, as it is impossible.
And one of the reasons for this is the fact, that your own ranks are often filled with necromance
rs and other mages of such sort.
As for the actions of Giterai, We have to say only this:
The war is a war, anything can happen, and even your best friend might fall from your own hands.

We offer you a chance to revoke your demand, as it will benefit both of us.
Make a wise decision.

Signed Enil, Arcane Lord of the Tower


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