Date / time : 07.06.2002 12:22
Author      : Hoxador
Title       : log request - i was killed :) no log
Plain size  : 0,8 Kb
uh :) cheaters got me :) entered realms - located power in Ironwood tree - goes there - started to reraid - Taurvat logged his Gyrth or something immediately, warder cleric logged imediately after taurvat :) attempted to reraid twice - returned to palanthas again. Gundula logged (gundula - kn1ght's guardian ex-wannabie - friend of clan)... i was on easy cause friendly char appeared near in palanthas - goes to boil some tea - returned after 30 seconds to see me dead :) Gundula attacked me with two warders... later i was informed that this char belongs to kn1ght no more and belongs to free SPb's char pool :) kerl played him at the moment :) damn OOC loggings hurts :) i did several mistakes - trusted to IC friend and goes afk in wrong time :)

2Taurvat: dirty work *frown* :)

p.s. died to 3 again :)


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