Date / time : 02.03.2002 01:27
Author      : Navar
Title       : What do you think?  Neutral or Evil?
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Little prelog, I asked if Hulik was neutral to a friend of mine, via ICQ.  This is the conversation that followed.  I'm curious to hear everyone's opinion on the heretics, they kill everyone and anything that casts, is it evil or neutral?

Me:Is Hulik Neutral?



Me:Gay Fucker.
If you claim to rp you should know a heretic would be considered evil. :P

not all the time.

only the rampaging bloodlusty heretic

Me:They have their own beliefs true - But they would be considered as evil.

hulik (seeing as he'll be an overpowered nigger) will try to stop from fighting rather then start it.

Me:Oh gimme a break. :
I'm just saying man.
Heretics should be strictly evil.
It's evil to fucking behead good priests lol.

not all of them are good though

Me:But they still behead good priests.

what the solamnics do are evil, cold blooded killing

Me:Solamnia kills certain things/people.

the heretics can be considered neutral because they dont decide from which align to kill, they just kill

so do the heretics :P

Me:No, it's retarded for a heretic to be neutral.

a heretic could even be good aligned, its righteous killing

Me:If you knew me irl and I went around chopping off preacher and cult leaders heads, would you be like.
"Well.  Deep down he's a nice guy."

just not lawful good, that makes no sense

Me:The WARDERS are neutral.

Me:They don't run around killing everyone, just people who offend the trees.

and the heretics run around killing people who cast in front of them

the Solace heretics are cold blooded killers
but hell, so are the Solace solamnics, entropy, tower etc.

Me:And they also hunt down mages who sit in their rooms all day and study books.
Me:And they hunt down good priests who heal children and elderly.

and they also hunt down mages who raise the dead
and they also hunt down clerics who spam witherfist

Me:Solamnics don't kill goods though.
And rarely neutrals.

Me:But thye still kill the good priests.

and evil priests

therefore neutrality

Neutrality would consider them killing only evil/neutral priests(who were destructive)


Me:EVIL would be them charging in and beheading Elena as she was healing a boy.
Your wrong, you can't win.

neutrality is the balance
killing evil + good

thats making assumptions based on align bias

Neutrality means I don't care one way or another, I'm here for my own self.

no, thats evil =P
evils dont ally, they use each other

Evil can be many ways.
Too much greed can be evil, lust for blood can be evil.
But neutral is "I'd rather step aside and let the draconian and elf fight rather then bother with it myself."

a neutral person, say heretic would go
'im going to own the first person who casts, elf or draconian'

Me:You seriously can't win this conversation.
Heretics can't be neutral.

evil wouldnt run to the draconians side either
they may stay back, loot the belongings and run.

Me:Depending on the person.
But as for a heretic - It should be evil.
Plain and simple.

no, its not plain and simple.
back it up
simply saying 'you cant win this conversation' doesn't mean your right, in fact it shows your wrong

Me:Yes it is.
By being neutral you signify everything you bitched about and everything I hate.

so a priest heals a good boy, ok
and  a priest kills a good boy, ok
what would a heretic do?
kill both

Me:I've backed it up.
Someone who would fucking behead a priest for casting heal on a boy is evil.
Why kill the good one?

i made a neutral fighter so i could group and find places to fucking rank, as well as wear shit i wanted to before
and rp this minotaur(this is why im neutral)<-- he didn't say that

because hes casting
and to heretics all casting symbolizes evil

Me:Why would a _NEUTRAL_ charactor kill a _GOOD_ charactor because he/she helped someone else?


Me:And to the rest of the world beheading fucking priests who heal young children and elderly is EVIL.


and to me solamnics are evil because they just walk up to draconians and kill them but we all know there arent have you read about the heretics in the books?

Me:When is the last time you saw a draconian help an old guy who fell down?
No, he saw a free meal.

and would a heretic walk up to a human fighter and just kill him without reason?
would a knight of takhisis? ok, if it suited him

Me:I don't need to.
Someone who would kill a priest that is trying to help a boy by using divine intervention is evil.

Me:But a knight of takhisis is evil.

Me:A solamnic wouldn't kill a human fighter either.

neutrality means not distuqishing between alignments for hatred

Me:Alignment in short, is how your charactor VIEWS THE WORLD.

if he was evil, yes he would

Me:To Hulik, Hulik might be neutral.
But to everyone else, he's evil.

so alignment is how *HE* views the world, not how the *WORLD* views him
(I bet he thought he had me here ;))

I view the world like this, every black man is a stupid nigger, every mexican isa fucking spick, and every jew is a god damn jew bastard.
Because I believe, killing all of these people, I am cleansing the world.
Am I neutral, or evil?

so say in real life, every black man was really bad, but every mexican was good
but you were killing both because you thought whites are the best
that would make you neutral, you dont make distinctions on who you target, you just do it.

Me:You are so fucked.

What you think?
Are you neutral, or evil, if you kill every and anything that casts?


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