Date / time : 12.03.2002 07:18
Author      : Navar
Title       : Not only do we get flourentine, by god!
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[  7] The Immortals: Some changes
Sat Feb 23 17:21:30 2002
To: all
1. Witherfist should no longer leave affects after death.    
^ Good idea.

2. Many skills and spells that did not give messages when
they expired should now give a message.
^ Good idea.

3. Recharger spell should be able to recharge wands/staves.
^ Good idea.

4. Reduced damage on poison, plague and crimson scourge.
^ ...?  Why?

5. Crimson scourge can no longer be cast multiple times
in a victim.
^ Good idea.

6. Cure poison, cure disease and remove curse have been
changed so that saves spell now helps them when cast, rather
than making it harder for the spell to work.
^ Are you joking me?  As if it isn't hard enough to blind someone through -125 saves anyway, they can just c 'cure blind' one time.  Outcasts are useless.

7. Earthbind spell now prevents flight and flying spells.
^ Good idea.
The Immortals
^ The Idiots.



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