Date / time : 13.03.2002 04:39
Author      : Quivaloth
Title       : Hulik
Plain size  : 1,9 Kb
What does this mean??

< > l hul
A huge beast of a man lumbers about, carrying various weapons and assorted
equipment wrapped around his body in tight appendages.  He slightly snorts
and a cloud of dust mixed with the smell of ale emits from his nostrils. This
large being is easily one of the Mithas race, a Minotaur. Easily carrying
a large club and a gigantic sword with ease, he swings his club in a menacing
way, symbolizing his contentment with his weapon. He grunts ever so slightly
showing his obvious lack of intelligence, not to your surprise either. His
race is not known for its intelligence. He suddenly looks around for something
or someone, glancing amongst the crowd. Passing by you, brushing you off
like the measely fly you are he lumbers on past. Whoever hes looking for,
he better find quick. As he is lumbering around, he is knocking over elves
and the other smaller races, ignorantly as well. Not knowing exactly what hes
doing, you wonder.. who is he looking for?

He lumbers on to a bonfire with dark elves, dwarves and other assorted
humanoids gathered around. He laughs at a joke made by a large minotaur
in the crowd, but it is not really a whole hearted laugh. You can feel somewhat
of an uneasiness, as if he doesn't quite belong. The crowd around the group part
and make way as they past. The most dreaded fighting force on Krynn, the Heretics.
Focusing on the minotaur once again you notice he glares around at the robed
and clerical people around. But when his groupmates are no longer paying attention
to him his cold, hard demeanor turns to sadness. You can see the longing
in his eyes about something. He turns away and joins the group in a cold hearted cheer
no one suspecting that this minotaur feels anything wrong with his brethren in
the Heretics. You depart from the camp and hear his voice raise up:
"Long live the Inquisition! Punish the corrupt!".
Hulik has some small wounds.


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