Date / time : 25.05.2002 10:19
Author      : Fatahaka
Title       : The best teleport, after the best night
Plain size  : 2,4 Kb
=/ Well. After being gayed with Rastama's kender thief tactics (shield jab, disarm, shield cleave), latched and thrown to shit by Mollin, raided by both at the same time *breaking a clan rule*, I decided "shit, I have to get out of here". So, being close to my recall area, I decided to teleport. Heh, thank GOD they changed the laws or I would have been fucked =) /=

[Exits: east west]

>198hp 521m 229mv 797500 exits:EW|<
< > s
c 'teleport'
Alas, you cannot go that way.

>198hp 521m 229mv 797500 exits:EW|<
< > A Corn Field
  The corn is tall and brilliant green, though the rodents have taken their
toll on the crop. You can see a dense forest to the south, and the field
continues to the north, east, and west.

[Exits: north east west]
A deer is feeding on some leaves.

>198hp 521m 228mv 797500 exits:NEW|<
< > A Corn Field
  Forest borders the south and west sides of the field here. Tall green corn
stalks shoot up into the sky above your head. Despite the large rodent
and crow population, you are alone.

[Exits: north east]

>198hp 521m 227mv 797500 exits:NE|<
< > You utter a prayer to your deity.
Hall of Justice
  A magical orb hangs high above in the air, suspended in a magical force.
Its warm glow bathes the entire room in white. In the center of the room, a
pedestal made of white marble stands proudly. Sitting on top of it is a book
with white leather binding. The library is just west from here, while to the
east lies the mess hall. The courtyard is just south from here.

[Exits: east south west]
     (Humming) A large safebox is here for storing the most precious items.
     A donation pit has been placed by the wall.
(White Aura) The royal Guardian of the law stands here protecting his hall.
You yell '
Help! I'm being attacked by the royal Guardian of Law!'
You parry the royal Guardian of Law's divine power.
The royal Guardian of Law's divine power
misses you.
The royal Guardian of Law's kick
mauls you.
You sure are BLEEDING!
The royal Guardian of Law is in perfect condition.

I would just like to say that:
1) Rastama is a loser who uses stupid tactics.
2) Mollin flees from me alot.
3) Solamnics and Guardians working together is a dumb thing.
4) I am cool, very very cool.
5) Azaz likes men

Thanks all. I know you love me.


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