Date / time : 29.05.2002 23:39
Author      : Aergon
Title       : Attacked by inspiration...
Plain size  : 0,6 Kb
== Knight vs. Priest of Morgion ==

While praying silently to God
I saw a shadow on the wall,
I rose up and got my sword,
To see if it exists at all.

It was a winged and taily beast,
In brown robes, and its paw
Held wand. And thing I knew at least -
His presence was against my Law.

My shield was made from dragon bone,
And sword - from fury of my God.
I yelled "Defend thyself!", alone
I charged. Demon raised his rod.

The shady corner lacks the light,
I hold the scaly cut off head,
And I am rotting. During night
I"ll be for sure also dead.


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