Date / time : 01.11.2002 16:14
Author      : Illiet
Title       : Future Highlord of Takhisisclan
Plain size  : 0,9 Kb
*a apllicant written on a big elf ear*
Thu Oct 31 12:23:20 2002
To: takhisis
Hail honorable and strong dark-soldiers.
i am Kanreb, a draconian outcast,
i was born very long time ego in palanthas.
i dont remember my family because i was see only very very eggs to near me.
i think these are my brothers.Later time i was go to Akademi in palanthas.
once time i was want to be a fighter but after some years i was feel my magic's soul.
And i was learn some magic for by way.And i was learn unholy magics because these are very importent for my fights i think!
so this time i was think very very ' how can i born' and 'who is my mother'
and i was say myselves ' after akademi i will try to find my mother'
i was read some book this think and i was learn Dark-quenn.
and her ideas.'yeah Dark-Quenn was my mother.2
So i must to her army and i must to join to they.
now i will ready for to join her army


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