Date / time : 07.11.2002 02:09
Author      : Worried
Title       : Oh damn....
Plain size  : 1,1 Kb
' Oh damn...
You say '
Oh damn...'

<244hp 321m 196mv>
The Chamber of the Undead Lord
  You are standing in a sacred place of death, the private chamber of
Lord Chemosh. Darkness seems to be a physical thing, creating the
illusions of primal fear and ancient times. Whirling winds of the
Abyss blow from all sides and you realize you are not in a room,
you are just floating in the nothingness, the Void. Darkness spins
around you, creating and destroying, ancient runes flare above you...
Welcome to the Abyss!

[Exits: north]
(Shining) A radiant figure clad in golden armor towers over you.
(White Aura) An immense armoured figure with hate filled eyes roars a warcry.
(Translucent) A towering Knight snarls in anger and raises his voice in prayer.
(Black aura) A form of utter darkness howls in rage and calls death upon you.
(Black aura) A faceless figure clad in black robes standing here.
(Black aura) (Green Aura) A goat headed corpse cloaked in black robes.

<244hp 321m 196mv>
emote slowly heads towards the exit.
Varso slowly heads towards the exit.

<244hp 321m 196mv>


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