Date / time : 14.11.2002 17:29
Author      : Huruk
Title       : I beat my old record (fastest fight ever)
Plain size  : 0,7 Kb
< > cleave khg
By the Gate
  A gate made of the strongest iron bar the outsiders from entering the
sacred ground beyond. Behind the gate, a beautiful garden is visible from
here. The beauty never fails to attract passerby to momentarily glance in
awe, and look away hurriedly under the scrutiny of the fearsome sentinel.

[Exits: north south]
     The severed head of a sentinel is lying here.
Khgrud rides in on a magnificent white stallion.

<856hp 176m 268mv 547150 NS>
< > You make a brutal swing at Khgrud in an attempt to cleave them in half.
Your cleave slices his body in half with a clean cut!
Blood and bone splatter as Khgrud's arm is sliced from his dead body.
Khgrud is sent tumbling off a magnificent white stallion.


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