Date / time : 28.11.2002 06:40
Author      : Sir Argon
Title       : to all solamnic knights
Plain size  : 0,8 Kb
it has become apparent that many of our knights have not shown themselves in some time.
Lady Delenn
Sir Hejaz
Sir Tollen
Sir Gallen
Sir Erty
since none of ye seem to enter the realms as these people.i post this here.
we will give you 3days to enter and let us know you have returned.
and not just come in just then so you do not loose ye position.
but be frequently in the realms.
otherwise you will be removed of your position.
we have two active knights!!
myself and Sir Jalic.
this is most unnacceptable.
this is your last warning.
we have posted numerous scrolls to our knighthood seeking for you to report in.yet none do such.
it pains us to come this decsion.
but we can not defend out knighthood alone.

Sir Argon, Knight of the Rose


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