LOGS FORUM ARCHIVE, September 2002

Date / time : 27.09.2002 07:55
Author      : Liomart
Title       : Lucky gambling! And what prise is the maximum?
Plain size  : 0,4 Kb
You say '3'
A gambler rolls the die...1, 3, 3.
*CHEER* You win a polished green wand!
A gambler chuckles as he gives you a polished green wand.

609/609hp 684/684mana 238/238mv 542794 xp c id wand
You trace a sigil in the air.
Object 'wand polished' is type wand, extra flags glow hum magic.
Weight is 0, value is 6000, level is 20.
restrict flags none.
Has 2 charges of level 30 'astral spell'.


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