Date / time : 04.01.2003 08:16
Author      : Navar
Title       : Real MUD rap :D (irc style!)
Plain size  : 1,7 Kb
<jaynus> remember the one warder Dzent?
<jaynus> he came looking to be bent
<jaynus> he lashed and stripped me good
<jaynus> i called for some brother hood
<jaynus> nothing came, none to blame
<jaynus> remember me, i am eq-less but the same
<jaynus> but then gopas came with they're IRC groups
<jaynus> so I said fuck it and yanked out my roots
<jaynus> i did the ultimate command, delete;delete
<jaynus> i failed my test to be the best, elite
<jaynus> i gave it some time so I can calm  and be ripe
<jaynus> and rolled a crazy ass nigga, after the p-wipe

<savak> bggarr and sumarr, nodrin and oryn
<savak> all fell to a man with a hail of stones
<savak> i rendered ones life dropped three on one
<savak> they started claimin i was the cheatin son
<savak> but chemosh got pissed, he served me like a lich
<savak> i slapped that fucker like a son of abitch
<savak> but i didn't know he strapped with a can can and a hand
<savak> that could deny me like a man with a plan
<savak> i came back, rolled sarvich in a day
<savak> leveled up quick and was here to say
<savak> brahmep, eleitha, arathorn,
<savak> why'd you even roll?  man go home
<savak> kharud, roweni you niggas is stuck
<savak> like wermona when she got bucked
<savak> sent her ass home and she started packin
<savak> messanna wanted some but I just was rappin
<savak> so I pulled out the whip and slapped her FOK!
<savak> she got tired of it and went back to gurgok
<savak> but it was restless, tired, she didn't know nothin
<savak> i was cool all them niggas was suckin


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