Date / time : 26.01.2003 12:55
Author      : Shuai
Title       : nice bug
Plain size  : 0,7 Kb

The temple of Paladine at Caergoth
  The marble temple is very holy and quiet, with little decoration.
A large platinum dragon is engraved into the north wall, and a sign
of the healing hand is just below it. A donation pit has been carved
into the floor. Those who are of seventh rank or below may go down
into the Glade of Beginnings.

[Exits: east south west]
     It is incredible to determinate what this ring looks like. Powerful magic was laid on thins ring it seems
     A round donation pit is carved into the center of the temple.
     A small fountain of marble gushes out water.
The cleric of the temple is waiting for someone to heal.

<1349/1349hp 479/724m 450mv [ESWD]>


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