If you have an in-game question or problem..

.. you can use the newbie channel (NEWBIE <your question> or NTALK <your question>). Please remember to keep this strictly to in-game inquiries.

.. you can write a note to Immortals (use NOTE TO IMMORTAL command) and state your problem. The Immortals will be glad to read your note when they have time.

.. you can pray to the Immortals if your problem is urgent (use PRAY command) and politely ask if someone can speak with you. Do not abuse this command. If any of the Immortals is online, he/she will answer you as soon as possible. If you don't get a reply, try praying again after a decent waiting period, or writing a note.

.. you can browse the Solace Forum to report any bugs or spelling mistakes or to get answers on any Solace-related questions from experienced players and Immortals.

If you have a problem or a question concerning Solace's Web Site..

.. write an e-mail to Habbakuk or Nierth.

If you wish to share your ideas on developing Solace or Solace's Web Site..

.. refer to the Ideas section of Solace Forum.

And remember..

.. we are always glad to help you.