Gods of Krynn

Since the world was created there have been 21 Gods that have governed the world of Krynn. Seven for each of the three alignments. At the dawn of time there was also another more powerful God, and there has always been the one whom created them all.

Light Neutrality Darkness
Paladine Gilean Takhisis
Majere Reorx Sargonnas
Kiri-Jolith Shinare Hiddukel
Mishakal Chislev Zeboim
Habbakuk Sirrion Chemosh
Branchala Zivilyn Morgion
Solinari Lunitari Nuitari

The Gods are worshipped in every part of Krynn. In some regions, only certain Gods are recognised and worshipped. The deities have many names by which they are known by the various peoples. All have vast amounts of power, and all are to be treated carefully. The anger of a God is a terrible thing.

Some Gods had established Shrines, and the most dedicated worshippers may be chosen by Gods to preach their words in world of mortals.


Gods of Light

Paladine, Platinum Dragon

Paladine is the Chief God of Good. He led all the Gods from Beyond during the Age of Starbirth, so that they could create Krynn, as shown by the Highgod. During the creation, Paladine, Gilean and Takhisis learnt to infuse chaos into creation with form and purpose. Paladine fashioned the elves in his likeness, as the creatures of good. He also fashioned the metallic dragons to fight in his name. With Kiri-Jolith and Habakkuk he helped Vinas Solamnus form the Knights of Solamnia, and was the patron of the Knights of the Rose. His avatar is that of Fizban, a befuddled old wizard. His followers include Knights of the Rose, Clerics of Good alignment, and many other darn nice folk.

His other names include: Platinum Dragon, Bah'Mut, Dragonlord, E'li, Draco Paladin, and Thak the Hammer.

Majere, Master of Mind

Majere is the God of meditation, faith, thought and the mind. He works to restore the faith in the good Gods. In the past he was always known as Paladine's advisor. Now, however, he works closely with Mishakal in order to further enlightment and goodness in the world. Majere has few followers, primarily good-aligned monks and others who give up physical comforts and greed for inner peace and enlightenment. His avatar is that of a bald & blind man/woman who possesses the ability to make those around him unnerved if they are not truthful to themselves.

Some of the names he is known by are: Master of Mind, Mantis of the Rose, Matheri, and Nadir the Dreamsender.

Kiri-Jolith, the Sword of Justice

Kiri-Jolith is the God of heroism, courage, war and battle. He is the eldest son of Paladine and the most aggressive God of good. He punishes wrongdoings and protects the innocent, while seeking to take the battle directly to all that is evil. Kiri-Jolith is the patron of the Knights of the Sword. His main avatar is that of an all-powerful warrior, either minotaur or human. His followers include Knights of the Sword, good-aligned minotaurs, and generally warriors of any race of good alignment.

Some of the names that Kiri-Jolith is known by are: Sword of Justice, Emperor, Kargath, Corij, and Kijo the Blade.

Mishakal, the Healing Hand

Mishakal is the Goddess of healing and the consort of Paladine. After the cataclysm, it was Mishakal who was mainly responsible for the return of the Gods of Light. She aided Riverwind in his quest for some sign of the True Gods, and appeared to Goldmoon to aid in the quest for the Disks of Mishakal. Her avatar is that of a beautiful young woman, who wears a robe and carries a blue crystal staff. Her followers are generally clerics of good alignment, who heal those in need freely, without usually ever asking for any compensation.

Some of the names she is known by are: Healing Hand, Mesalax, Quen Illumini, Mishas, Empress, Ka-Mel-Sha, and Elir-Sana.

Most devout worshippers of Mishakal may seek entrance to the Temple of Healing, Shrine of Mishakal.

Habbakuk, Fisher King

Habbakuk is the God of the creatures of land and sea. He is the second son of Paladine and is the patron of the Knights of the Crown. He is often unpredictable and seeks to heal the land and those that are suffering. His avatar is often that of a giant blue dolphin. His followers are the Knights of the Crown, druids, and some of the faerie-folk. Habbakuk's druids and clerical followers live to protect nature from those who would destroy it.

Some of the names by which Habbukuk is known by are: Fisher King, The Blue Phoenix, Sea Lord, Rakiris, and Skylord.

Most devout worshippers of Habbakuk may seek entrance to the Order of Nature, Shrine of Habbakuk.

Branchala, Songmaster

Branchala is the God of music. During the creation of the first creatures of Krynn, he journeyed with Habbakuk and instilled song and harmony in their souls. He loves merriment and dance, preferring to mingle with people, rather than simply be worshipped. His avatar is that of a simple traveler who is of the race that he is visiting at the time. His followers include elves and kender, to these races he is one of the chief Gods.

A few of his many names include: Song of Life, Gardener, Songmaster, Astra, Bran, and Bardilun.

Solinari, the Mighty Hand

Solinari is the God of good magic. With Lunitari and Nuitari, he founded the three orders of magic, forming the order of the White Robes himself. He is tied tightly to Krynn and to magic. He grants his power and blessings to those who defend Krynn and its people, serving the world before serving themselves. His avatar is that of a white-robed mage, either elderly with a white beard, or youthful and strong. His followers are almost exclusively white-robed magi.

Some of Solinari's many titles include: Mighty Hand, Beacon, White-Eye, Ivory Disk, and Solin.


Gods of Neutrality

Gilean, Gray Voyager

Gilean is the Chief God of Neutrality and the guardian of the Tobril (the book that contains all knowledge). During the creation of Krynn, Gilean created humans in his image, imbuing them with free will and though to act as they chose. He seeks to maintain balance in the world and will assist either good or evil, in order to preserve it. His avatar form is that of a middle-aged male scholar. His followers primarily include aesthetics and other historians/scholarly types. One of his chief servants, Astinus, built the Great Library in Palanthas, in order to have a house of research in which to chronicle all the events of Krynn. This is the single largest monument to the chief God of neutrality.

Some of his names include: The Void, Gray Voyager, The Gate of Souls, and the Sage.

Reorx, the Weaponmaster

Reorx is the God of the forge. He forged the world and the stars with his hammer. He also forged the Graygem and inadvertently had a major role in trapping Chaos inside the gem. His avatar is often Dougan Redhammer, an amiable dwarf, always looking for some fun. His followers are usually dwarves, amongst whom he is considered the highest of Gods.

Reorx's titles include: The Weaponmaster, Anvil, and Reorx the Craftsman.

Shinare, Silver Master

Shinare is the Goddess of wealth, production and commerce. She is concerned primarily with rebuilding Krynn and is strongly opposed to Hiddukel as his business ventures are all corrupt. Her avatar is as a rich merchant female/male who wears only the finest clothing and jewelry. Her followers are often mercenaries, merchants and shopkeepers. She is one of the chief Gods of the dwarves.

Some of Shinare's titles include: Silver Master, Balance, Walking Liberty, Winged Victory, and Winged One.

Chislev, the Beast

Chislev is the Goddess of animals, plants and nature, as well as the consort of Zivilyn. She seeks to restore the land of Krynn from wars and to revert it back to a beautiful, natural state. Her avatar is either that of a unicorn, or of a beautiful human/elven woman with golden hair and carrying a living wooden staff. Her followers are the centaur people, satyrs, and all animals, creatures that dwell within the forests.

Some of her many names include: The Beast, Wild One, and the Wilds.

Sirrion, Firemaster

Sirrion is the God of fire. He controls every flame on Krynn, including the sun, and constantly strives to make fire as beautiful as he can. He is the consort of Shinare. His avatar is that of a man with flaming hair who carries a huge flaming sword. His followers are few as he is a little known God. The few who follow him are those with a love for fire, and known to run apothecaries or to dabble in the mystical arts.

Some of Sirrion's names include: The Wizard, Firemaster, and the Alchemist.

Zivilyn, Wise One

Zivilyn is the God of wisdom. He can see into all times and works closely with Gilean, since wisdom and knowledge go hand in hand. His avatar is that of a balding, bearded man who carries a wooden staff. One look into his eyes shows a person their future and death. His followers are, like Gilean, scholars and aesthetics.

Some of his titles include: Wise One, Tree of Life, and the World Tree.

Lunitari, Maid of Illusion

Lunitari is the God of neutral magic. She founded the Red Robed Order of Magic and works closely with Solinari and Nuitari to restore magic to Krynn. Her avatar is a red-robed female mage who carries ruby red darts as a weapon. Her followers are Red Robed wizards.

Some of Lunitari's names include: Maid of Illusion, Veiled Maiden, Night Candle, Luin, and Red-Eye.


Gods of Darkness

Takhisis, Queen of Darkness

Takhisis is the Chief God of Evil. During creation she made the ogres in her image. They were powerful, near-immortals, beautiful and worshipped evil Gods. They enslaved races weaker than them, and their corrupt desires and actions eventually changed them to the deformed creatures they are now, with only the Irda surviving that change. She also created the chromatic dragons by twisting Paladine's initial dragon creations. During the 3rd Dragon War she sought to enter Krynn but was defeated by the Solamnic Knight Huma Dragonbane and banished to the Abyss. She later created draconians by perverting good dragon eggs, and appointed Dragon Highlords to lead a campaign to conquer Krynn. After this attempt failed, Takhisis also aided Ariakan, son of Ariakas and Zeboim, to found the Knights of Takhisis in the image of the Solamnic Knighthood, to make a second attempt at conquering Krynn. She is the embodiment all that is evil and seeks total domination of Krynn and of every creature that resided in this world. Her avatar is that of a five headed dragon or of a beautiful temptress. Her followers are almost pretty much any follower of darkness, particularly the Knights of Takhisis.

Some of her many names are: Lady Chaos, She of the Many Faces, Erestem, Queen of Darkness, Tamex the False Metal, Mwarg, Tii'Mhut, and Nilat the Corruptor.

Sargonnas, the Destroyer

Sargonnas is the God of vengeance, intrigue and destruction. He plots against everyone for his own gain, including his former consort Takhisis. He once sought to overthrow Takhisis and become the chief God of evil. It is strongly believed that he has now attained that goal. His avatar is either a red condor, an all-powerful warrior of minotaur/human origins, or a fire elemental. His followers are generally the minotaurs, for whom he is the chief God.

Sargonnas' many names include: Sargas the Destroyer, Misal-Lasim, Sargonax the Bender, and Kinthalas.

Most devout worshippers of Sargonnas may seek entrance to the Domain of Vengeance, Shrine of Sargonnas.

Hiddukel, Prince of Lies

Hiddukel is the God of corrupt business. He often deals in the trading of souls, and will frequently accept a soul in return for providing wealth and treasure, power, life against certain death, or any number of other things, to those who catch his attention. Those that deal with him almost always lose their lives quickly. On one occasion he even tricked the chief Goddess of evil, Takhisis, and had a tryst with her, convincing Takhisis that he was actually Chemosh (whom she lusted after at the time). His avatar is that of a massive warrior clad in burning golden armor. His followers come from all walks of life, ranging from corrupt businessmen to thieves to powerhungry clerics, and much more.

Some of his names include: Hiltax the Flaw, Betrayer, M'Fistos, Usk-Do, and the Prince of Lies.

Most devout worshippers of Hiddukel may seek entrance to the Temple of Greed, Shrine of Hiddukel.

Zeboim, Darkling Sea

Zeboim is the Goddess of the Sea. She is very temperamental and fickle, and seeks to conquer the seas and her main rival Habbakuk. In the past, Zeboim would never go against the wishes of her mother, Takhisis, but thinks little of her father, Sargonnas. Her avatar is a giant sea turtle with the face of a human female. Her followers are few, and are generally only the undead that roam the sea, or evil-aligned sea elves, koalinths and pirates.

Some of her titles include: Maelstrom, Darkling Sea, Bhezomiax, Zebyr Jotun, and Rann.

Most devout worshippers of Zeboim may seek entrance to the Temple of Jealousy, Shrine of Zeboim.

Chemosh, Lord of Death

Chemosh is the God of the dead. He constantly recruited corpses to work for his and Takhisis' undead armies when he served under her. Now, however, he works for primarily for himself, and for Sargonnas. He aims to corrupt all beings, living and dead, and offers false promises of immortality to those who will be his followers. His avatar is either a young human male in a black robe, or a lich in fine clothes. His followers are generally the undead, and mortals with a love for death or a lust for immortality.

Some of Chemosh's titles are: Aeleth, Lord of Death, Khemax, Lifebane, Dron of the Deep, Orkrust, and Chemos Joton.

Most devout worshippers of Chemosh may seek entrance to the Cult of the Dead, Shrine of Chemosh.

Morgion, Black Wind

Morgion is the God of disease, decay and plague. He always works in complete secrecy and does not work with any other God. He seeks to sabotage Mishakal's healing arts and to corrupt all. His avatar is either a black hooded executioner or a thick, black cloud with red eyes. His followers are assassins, priests of evil alignment and other lowlifes, who only meet in secret and live their lives in the shadows.

Some of his titles are: Morgax the Rustlord, Black Wind, Pestilence, Anthrax Goatlord, and H'rar.

Most devout worshippers of Morgion may seek entrance to the Temple of Decay, Shrine of Morgion.

Nuitari, Devouring Dark

Nuitari is the God of evil magic. He founded the Black Robed Order of Magic. With Lunitari and Solinari he works to increase magic on Krynn. Nuitari privately seeks for all magic to be black magic on Krynn. His avatar is either that of a wicked child or a black robed wizard. His followers are black-robed wizards.

Some of Nuitari's titles include: Ungod, Devouring Dark, Nightreaver, and Black Hand.