Enormous and Unique World

Nearly 150 areas with close to 13,000 unique and detailed rooms

7 large cities and 2 towns to choose from for your home town

Thousands of interactive and intelligent NPCs

Numerous unique quests, from facile riddles to intricate investigations



Room-based communication (say, sayto, whisper)

Area-wide communication (yell)

World-wide communication (tell)

Group tells and clan tells

Hundreds of ready-to-use emotes

Freeform emotes available for any action you can imagine

Unique moods system: change your mood and others will notice it when you speak

Drunken speech: after a few strong drinks, you'll hardly be able to put two words together

Scribe notes to specific players, whole Clans, or Immortals


Character Development

10 races and 11 classes available

35 experience levels. Become a Hero at level 35 and pass through 20 Hero levels

Powerful Feats system allowing customisation of your character's abilities

Find rare ancient spellbooks and manuals and learn secret abilities

Use your skills and spells frequently to master them

Player descriptions are fully customisable

Characters die from age. Don't lose battles and live long

Clerics may choose one of 12 Gods to worship

Most classes are customisable (say, fighters may choose weapons to specialize in)

You can get engaged and married


Equipment and Items

Thousands of unique, detailed items

Rare, powerful items, limited in quantity, provide even greater benefits

Powerful items may have spells or special features hidden in them

Some items can be obtained only through completing complicated quests

Hundreds of potions, wands, staves and scrolls with spells imbued within

More than 150 shops scattered across the cities and wilderness



7 Clans which grant powerful abilities to their members

Unique Clan raiding system and large-scale Clan wars

Clan leaders sign treaties, induct new members, and govern politics with other clans

All Clans have Clan-specific ranking structure

Most Clans have Immortal leaders


Immortals of Solace

The best and most adequate rulers of Solace world

Solace Immortals are an essential part of Solace, maintaining a role-playing atmosphere, running world-scale quests and monitoring players activity nearly 24 hours a day

Most Gods have Shrines that players may join